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Crystal Ricotta

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About the artist

Crystal Ricotta graphic designer with 20+ years experience in Lake Tahoe

Crystal Ricotta graphic designer based in Lake Tahoe

Crystal Ricotta

Artist based in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.


Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Major Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Communications and Media Studies 
Minor 2D Illustration, Graphic Design

Accomplished graphic designer with a focus on branding identity and responsive web design.  Crystal has 20+ years experience creating visually interesting and user-friendly websites. Expert-level proficiency with major development tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud with PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign and WordPress.




Well, besides being the cheese in your lasagna or the filling in a delicious crêpe (if you’re not vegan), here’s a few things about me, the artist, mama, lover & inspired soul –

I grew up in a very rural town in central PA where the roads didn’t have names and there was definitely no cable television.  Nearby in the historic town of Philipsburg, Pennsylvania my family owns and operates jewelry, gift, and watch repair shop called “Ricotta Jewelry.” There my father, Jim works as a talented watchmaker and jeweler. He specializes in the making and repair of antique pocket-watches and jewelry. This also includes anything else that breaks – like spectacles, engines, mechanical things, heating,  plumbing – you get the idea. Besides the 100+ clocks ticking & talking, there were always many forms of art around to look and play with.

Being creative seemed to run through my blood. It was motivating and up-lifting as a child. Back in the day there wasn’t a blank sheet of paper that I would let pass by. My favorite drawings were done in-school & out dining with family. Around the age of 12 – at this authentic Italian Restaurant called Natoli’s in Clearfield, PA (an Italian immigrant town), I made a waitress who was perhaps best known for her ‘perma-frown,’ bust a lovely smile ‘Adam & Eve’ with only a leaf rendition. Something neither one of us were expecting at the time. My family was supportive of my interests and talents. Was fortunate to have access to various years of art classes, dance instruction, gymnastics, local theatre, choir, saxophone and racing in the All American Soap Box Derby. Definitely enough to keep a kid busy and intrigued. In addition to my personal interests there was always the constant exposure to their business and interesting hobbies like antiques collecting, mud and drag racing, vintage railroad enthusiast and maybe the most influential the perennial and vegetable gardening.

This love and experiences gave me strength and confidence to follow my heart at a young age. My early interests for drawing, painting and art appreciation – lead me into the realm of digital art media. In the year Y2K I graduated from  Clarion University of Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor of Science in Communications along with a minor in 2D Art with a focus on illustration & graphic design.

Before starting my own business in 2007 my work experiences ranged from – Maryland Times Press, Beachcomber Weekly, Tucson Weekly, VCReporter Weekly, Tahoe Daily Tribune, Sierra Nevada Media Group which included the Tahoe Tribune, the Nevada Appeal to name a few. Before that was also 451 Media, Ventura Life & Style Magazine, Hot Spots Kiosks & other creative design-tech positions. These positive work experiences and along with my many mentors have led led me to the path of doing what I love professionally – but especially in beautiful Lake Tahoe. ~c