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Thirty Throwbacks

Thirty Throwbacks was a little series I started on my instagram page, taking a look at some of my earliest graphic design pieces.

Here’s where that story begins with “The Hole Kit and Tatoodle” headline graphic for the Tahoe Daily Tribune’s Sierra Scene page. A photo heavy page with a fun layout is what the parameters were for this page. Gosh, I enjoyed this work. Hope you do too. 

This link is going to take you out of the site to my business instagram page where I posted 19 of the 30 throwback. Below I will post the remaining 11, continuing on with # 20!

20. CD design for Satsang-Kirtan

The art direction was simple. Use a lotus background, and om symbol and make it easy to read.

I created this CD design using Adobe Illustrator for the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Grass Valley, CA. The coolest part is the recording is of our graduating TTC from 2004. The Swamis thought we were a good singing class, so we recorded a CD with a few of those living on the ashram with the swamis. It was great. This is where the practice of chanting mantras became a tool I have turned to many times in my life to fill my cup. Jaya Jaya Ganesha!

Kirtan Live recording from Teacher's Training Course, Grass Valley, CA May 2004
Live recording from Teacher’s Training Course, Grass Valley, CA May 2004


19.  Poster for Bird Day

These were fun to do! Here I was learning to deal with under par images in this organic style. Always an appreciation for our flying friends.

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