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Graphic Design

Creating graphic design and website solutions through the skilled use of technical applications like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop and the new Elementor editor inside WordPress. I don’t design in the computer, I do design in my head then apply it using these technical skills. 

WordPress Development

Offering new website design using the Elementor Editor inside WordPress. I also work on on other types of CMS like Square Space.

Forever dance wordpress development

Product Photography

Capturing the good light

Product photography is one of my favorite services to offerer. My photography skills have come about organically through years of self taught training and practices. If you are interested in product photography call (805) 218-1456 to request a consultation.
Based in south Lake tahoe since 2001

Custom tailored
design solutions

Crystal is a classically trained graphic designer. She is multi-versed in the latest Adobe software and has pro-level proficiency with WordPress. Keeping up to date with the latest Elementor page builder.

Graphic Design

Classically trained print graphic designer that also knows web

WordPress Website

WordPress and WooCommerce websites and most other types of CMS platforms

Print Design

Let's talk cmyk. My passion and strong background in print allows a clean, fresh, look. I will always argue that print is not dead!


Creative advertising with specific goals in mind


Product photography, food, birds and sunsets are my favorite

Project Management

Project Management with absolute quality control for the entire process

Never overlook the value of having a great business card

I love business cards and have collected them since I was a kid. Why are some better – why do you toss some and hold onto others. A lot of thought can go into this tiny card. Keeping the design simple in this small space allows the name to stand out. You also need easy to ready type,   a pleasant layout, the right paper and print job are all part of the little pieces that tie this tiny  card together to be a keeper. I believe in creating business cards that feel like little mementos. At my digital agency we offer business cards in any size and shape. For the last few hears my house favorite paper is the sturdy 18pt, 100% recycled light brown kraft.

This small sturdy card is an important part of your brand messaging. It’s often the first item you hand to someone after wrapping up a good chat.  I recommend using this opportunity to give a strong, positive impression with custom business cards by Crystal.  Please call or text (805) 218-1456 to get started

Professional Creative Services since 2001

Ad Agency Style Work

Accomplished graphic designer and website developer with an extensive, unique and creative background, passion and curiosity that enables deep dives into every project once a strategy is developed. Extremely detail oriented, organized and executes projects with a skilled, trained, discerning eye. Authentic in nature and style.

successful projects & satisfied clients


Custom logos and design

art deco style logo design for Club 100

Logo Design

One word names with a perfect tagline is ideal when naming a new business. A two word name is also good, three okay, but four or more words you start looking like a hospital name.

logo by Crystal Ricotta

Naming and Messaging

The messaging on your website should be written in a live, active tone. You want to talk to your viewer in light, friendly way.

Tahoe Club 100 Crystal Ricotta website design

Website and Payment Processing

Your brand story should be authentic and mean something to you and your brand. It should be the typically be the driving force for your mission.

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