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Hi there ! Thanks for visiting by my business website to showcase some of my most popular creative services. Based in Lake Tahoe, Nevada for twenty four years. My mission is to help you achieve your creative digital goals. I can help you develop your vision and bring it to the right audience, in the right way. Look forward to hearing about your next project.

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Logo Design


Website Design

Are you looking for a fun, interactive website with amazing capabilities, subtle motion along with custom triggered pop-up forms, great functioning forms, auto responders, blogs and well written SEO Search Engine Optimization. ⟶



Let's talk print, CMYK. My passion and early graphic design history lies with print in it's purest forms – newspapers, magazines, restaurant menus and music posters! Print always helps me fuel my desire to think fresh with ink. ⟶ PRICE $125/hour


Newsletter / Content Creation

Content creation for blog posts, beautiful pages and social media like Instagram with beautiful imagery and custom written copy with goals in mind. Do you need help creating valuable content for your business website or social media. Let's collaborate ⟶ PRICE $125/week


Social Media Marketing

Do you need help on how to effectively publish to your website. Please inquire about personal WordPress training to help you become more proficient with your website. ⟶ PRICE $125/hr


CMS Management


Business Cards

Offering a fresh approach to this tiny little card – Business Cards or Social Cards they are often referred to recently can be any size. That said this physical, feel good card is meant to make a positive impression and stand out in an overly digital world ⟶ SETUP FEE $125 + printing + NV Sales Tax and delivered to your door


Freelance Graphic Design

Product photography on white or black, or in natural setting. ⟶ DAY RATE $650

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The faces behind the work

crystal ricotta

Crystal Ricotta

Graphic Designer, WordPress + Elementor Pro

Let’s bring your ideas to life

From conception to launch –  partnering for creative business projects big and small, local or remote.

crystal ricotta
crystal ricotta

Logo Design

Let’s get creative

Do you have a print + website project you need help with ?  Do you want to  collaborate for an authentic, amazing cause ? If so, please reach out through my website to discuss creative work.  Thank you, ~Crystal Ricotta

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